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HotTea Mama - Take A Pause Menopause Support Tea

A soothing low caffeine tea blend to support women through the perimenopause, to menopause and beyond.

Designed to target the most common of the 34 symptoms of menopause, this green tea and herbal blend, contains ingredients that have been used for millennia to support women's bodies when they need it most.

Steamed sencha green tea, raspberry leaf, gingko biloba, valerian root and liquorice, have been shown in small scale studies to help reduce hot flushes, ease anxiety, aid sleep, protect bone health and improve memory and cognitive function.

Packed into plastic-free, biodegradable tea bags, only whole fruit and flowers are used. Making it the perfect gift as well as a grocery cupboard staple.

Each bag can be brewed twice to make 30 - 45 cups of tea per pack.

Made in United Kingdom

HotTea Mama - Take A Pause Menopause Support Tea


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