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What are Bandhas?

A Bandha is an energy lock within our bodies. Essentially, bandhas are engaged to gain control, lock your energy and direct this energy the way you want.

Mula Bandha, the Root Lock, contraction of the perineum. Calms the autonomic nervous system, calms and relaxes the mind. Directs energy flow upwards.

Uddiyana bandha, the Stomach Lock, contraction of the abdomen into the rib cage. This bandha can help in removing stress and tension. It improves digestion and the functioning of the heart. It also boosts blood circulation throughout the body and in the brain.

Jalandhara Bandha, the Chin Lock, tucking the chin close to the base of the throat. This bandha regulates the circulatory and respiratory systems, stimulates the thyroid to balance metabolism and directs energy downwards.

Maintaining the health of the Mula and Uddiyana bandha is essential to a woman’s health and wellbeing throughout life. These essential structures protect the womb or the ‘hara,’ the female life force.

We utilise these bandhas during all our classes (although we may not always use this terminology for ease!)

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