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Why I Teach Yoga Specifically for Women

It’s no surprise when I say that women are inherently different to men. We think differently, act differently, solve problems differently and are generally more emotionally driven. We usually thrive on strong relationships with our girlfriends. Most of my emotional and mental strength comes from the deep bonds with strong females in my life.

At Moontree Yoga & Wellbeing, we are not just a yoga class - this female community is at the centre of our work. What happens on the yoga mat is a fraction of our actual ‘yoga practice'.

Each class is created for female bodies in contrast to traditional asana (postures), which have a very masculine quality to them. Our female-centric practices range from gentle to strong but are always in line with our life stage and our natural cycles - respecting our natural feminine energy instead of ignoring it.

Our female community allows us to speak and move freely, and we can be completely ourselves without judgement. There is absolutely a place for mixed / male only yoga classes, but that’s not what we’re about. As women, we need other women in our lives to support and care for us throughout life and this is what Moontree ultimately represents!

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